New Member FAQ

How do I get my Firearm Licence?

After Committee approval has been given to your application to join the club, you will be provided with a letter and Provisional Handgun licence application. You must send this into LRD as soon as possible following the date you join the club.
The “Provisional General Handgun Licence ” allows you to use club handguns of the appropriate category you are signed off to use in your “passport”– but not to buy one.

The provisional period may be from 6 to 12 months during which time you are required to participate in not less than 5 approved handgun shooting matches in the first six months of membership & maintain membership of an approved club.

Conversion to a Full Handgun Licence is managed by LRD. You will receive correspondence at the appropriate time from LRD.

Handgun shooters must have their fingerprints recorded by the Victoria Police (LRD – Docklands) prior to joining Yarra Pistol Club. You are required to provide a copy of the Fingerprint certificate to Yarra Pistol club for their records at the time of joining.

Juniors apply for a ‘Junior Licence’ although they are not allowed to own a firearm as they are required to be under supervision at all times when using firearms.

How often must I shoot?

Pistol shooters must compete in at least 10 shoots per annum, this is made up of the following:

  • Handgun Participation Table 
The table below summarises the participation conditions to take affect from 1 January 2012: 
Within the above requirements, handgun owners must ensure that the following requirements are met:
    • 6 of these events must be matches;
    • 6 of these events must be as a competitor;
    • 4 events for each class of handguns owned (matches or shoots); and
    • Participation must take place on no less than 10 separate days.

    Where do I buy ammunition and shooting supplies??

      The Yarra Pistol club shop sells most items that you require for your day to day shooting. We have a good variety of ammunition, powders, primers, cleaning gear for example. Handguns must be purchased from a licensed gun dealer and a committee member can advise you on this when you have your full handgun license.