Postals Comp

VAPA Postal Comps

The Postals are run annually and throughout the year. The Postals include all ISSF, Service, Black Powder, Icore, Practical, Metallic Sights, 1500 and Junior events. Anyone can participate in these events but you are also competing against other clubs. It doesn’t matter what grade you shoot as the results are determined by the highest scores shot in the relevant weeks of the competition. The postals are held over 4 rounds of a 6 week cycle, taking approximately 5 months to complete.

The highest score you shoot is put into the VAPA website and these are counted towards the Club’s score giving it a comparison score to the other participating clubs. These results determine the clubs position on the ladder. You can shoot in these matches but your score does not have to be used if you don’t want to participate.  In this case you can shoot a ‘generic match’ that is not counted although will be used for LRD purposes.

At the conclusion of the Postal rounds the top clubs shoot off against each other in a finals competition. In this comp you go head to head with the others for a pennant flag, shield and bragging rights. This competition is about representing your club, refining your skills, learning from other really good shooters and mixing with other members from different clubs in a social environment. If you are interested in the concept but not sure what do please talk to the Club Captain Ricky McKay for information. Any member of the committee can help you.


Postal Calendar - Download here  2015 Postal Calendar-1

Postal Rules - Download here 2015PostalCompetitionRules