Shooting Visitors (i.e. non club members) must pay a $10 visitors fee to shoot on the premises.

Non Shooting Visitors (ie just there to watch) - No Fee is payable.

Visitors MUST fill in the Visitors book on the Shop Counter and be signed off by the introducing club member.
You must wear Visitors Badge at all times.
Visitors must follow ALL club and range rules at all times.

Any non licensed visitors must complete a Notice of Receiving Instruction (NORI) form before shooting. These can be found on the noticeboard. It is the responsibility of the Club Member to ensure the NORI form is completed. You must provide 2 sets of id, one must be a photo id, the other must have your name and address on it. See the link below for more information.

Copy of Nori forms must be left in the Treasurer's box.

Visitors can attend Yarra Pistol Club a maximum of 6 times per calendar year,although this can be increased at the discretion of the Committee.